Getting engaged like a celebrity

Getting Engaged, Vogue Style: The Hottest Diamonds in Hollywood, For Less Than You Ever Imagined!

Gossip and lifestyle magazines go absolutely nuts whenever the latest pop star or fashion icon shows up with a 16-carat mega stone wrapped around her finger. For a while –sometimes a day, sometimes months of paparazzi-fueled expectancy—life seems to revolve around the engaged happy couple.

Each and every one of these times, stratospheric figures get thrown around: Catherine Zeta-Jone’s diamond was valued at around $1 million. Paris Hilton destroyed that number, with a 20-carat Michael Greene worth double as much. And Mariah Carey absolutely blew us away with a $10 million, THIRTY-FIVE CARAT stone set in platinum by Wilfredo Rosado.

Mariah Carey’s record-breaking mega stone.
Sofia Vergara’s 7-carat $500,000 diamond could be yours for only a tenth of the price.

However, there’s one thing Hollywood magazines don’t want you to know and that is…

You Too Can Have the Diamond Ring Of Your Dreams.

When thinking about the diamond ring of your dreams, the one that’ll drag looks on every bar, street and restaurant, you’re thinking about a magnificent diamond, such as the one Sofia Vergara got from Joe Manganiello. Well, that particular 7-carat, cushion-cut piece was valued in $500,000… and you could get it for one tenth of the price.

But, How?: Marrying Like An A-List Star For A Coach-Class Price

If we had told you in advance that we had the secret for 90% off diamonds, you wouldn’t have believed us. And, yet, you can see it with your own eyes by visiting our shop: The actual diamond is only a tenth of the reported price. This 90% discount is not only true for cushion-cut, Modern Family-style diamonds. Did you know that…

…you can get an Emerald-Cut stone, such as Amal Clooney’s (yes, George’s wife!) $750,000 piece for over 90% less?

…you could get the same heart-shaped, half-a-million-dollars stone Lady Gaga wears on her diamond ring, for over 90% less… and with an extra carat?! (That’s 15% bigger!)

…Jennifer Aniston’s $500,000 radiant-cut diamond ring, could be yours for considerably less than 50k?

Now, imagine Lady Gaga looking at your ring and thinking “Ga ga oh la la, that’s one lucky girl!”

George Clooney’s wife, Amal certainly has something to brag about (emerald cut, valued at $750,000.)
Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped engagement ring.

The Moral Of The Story? Celebrities Are No More Special Than YOU.

Diamonds, crazily, are not as expensive as the media and tabloids make them out to be. Celebrities pay millions of dollars to get the name of a famous designer attached to their rings, while the public ⁠—rightfully so!⁠— couldn’t care less: They see a magnificent diamond, and for them (and certainly for us) that’s enough.

How do you feel now that you know the multi-million rings you see in red carpets and runways are actually within your reach if you toss the designer’s name away? Truth is, you can get engaged A-List-style at for an unbelievable price!

Turn Your Diamond Into a Full-Fledged Ring.

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Now you know. You can call DiamDrop any time you want to feel like a star!