Diamdrop.com is a unique marketplace where our users can purchase some of the rarest stones in the world.
We offer a wide range of diamonds, to fit all budgets!


With Diamdrop, you have access to a wide range of diamonds, directly from their manufacturers. Doing this, we help our customers avoid annoying intermediaries: No broker, reseller, or physical shop will take a commission on your diamond! This makes purchasing diamonds both cheaper and easier.

The best value for money is on DiamDrop. Though our algorithms, we abide by your budget and will find the stone you’ve been dreaming of!

How DiamDrop Works

Using our own craft of CRM technology, we’ve developed a mighty platform designed to keep track of supplies, sales, and diamond standard compliance. Thanks to this technology, as well as an exclusive partnership with the leading online diamond-trading platform, we provide live access to more than 800,000 diamonds.

Certifications & Compliance

At Diamdrop, we care about compliance in grading qualities, measurements, cuts, clarity, and many other characteristics that make a diamond unique, valuable, and rare. We make sure every single diamond is delivered along with its proper documentation and certifications.

Our Ultimate Goal

Diamdrop.com aims to open the gates of the diamantaire industry to the public, selling at the best value for money and connecting buyers directly to manufacturers. We want everybody to become a privileged member with exclusive access to the diamantaire world’s elite!

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